ProfessionalAppraisal Services

Since 1986, Canam’s appraisal experts have delivered timely, well-rounded professional appraisals in Canada. Our practices include careful consideration of all factors including the assets themselves, the client’s industry and prevailing market conditions. We conduct management interviews, perform financial due diligence and inspect inventory as part of our appraisal methodology.
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Asset & BankruptcyAuction Services

As a leading auctioneer in the Toronto area, Canam regularly conducts auctions of industrial equipment, tools and machinery, as well as retail and consumer products and store fixtures. Our services can be tailored to fit the specific needs of the seller and are designed to maximize market exposure while ensuring a convenient and cost-effective solution for both buyers and sellers.
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Industrial Removal & Storage

Canam boasts 20,000 square feet of indoor and two acres of outdoor storage space. This facility enables us to remove distressed assets to our warehouse, quickly and efficiently, with minimal delay. Our modern facilities are fully secured and protected. Canam’s comprehensive insurance policies cover theft, fire, liability and items in transit to ensure assets are secure.
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Upcoming Auctions & Liquidations

  • Minden Gross Lawfirm Auction
    Minden Gross Lawfirm Auction
    Canam-Appraiz Inc. is conducting an Auction! Lots Close Tuesday February 13th, 2024 at 9:30 am ET Assets Include: Collectible Framed Art, Printers, SSD Computers, Office Furniture & Equipment Location: 145 King St W Suite 2200,
  • Liquidation Sale – Fitness Equipment Supplier
    Liquidation Sale – Fitness Equipment Supplier
    Canam Appraiz is conducting a Fitness Equipment Liquidation Sale – Inventory includes: Weight lifting Equipment, MMA Equipment, Strength & Conditioning Equipment, Belts, Rigs, Racks, Rehabilitation Equipment, Bags & Stands, Dumbbells, Weight Plates, Cardio Machines, Trampolines,

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Located near Pearson International Airport, Canam is dedicated to improve our clients processes, increase performance and reduce overall costs.

Head Office: +1 (416) 741-0228 Facsimile:+1 (416) 741-0122