Asset Purchasing & Liquidation


Canam’s purchasing & liquidation services provide timely capital recovery on a wide assortment of items ranging from restaurant equipment, office furniture, industrial equipment, retail store fixtures, merchandise, surplus goods and vehicles to numerous other categories of equipment.

Liquidation Options include:

Complete Buyout/Purchase of Assets
Consignment Sale at Our Facility
Facilitation of Sales at Your Location
Overstock Liquidation
Bankruptcy Liquidation

With more than 30 years of combined experience and an in-depth knowledge of current markets, Canam brings together a full spectrum of skills, knowledge and the experience required to ensure maximum market value for all clients.

Company Exit Strategies

Exit strategies are something that every business owner will eventually need. Most sole proprietors and small-business owners spend their lives building a profitable business. When it’s time to move on, questions arise. How are you going to get your money out of the business? How much money are you going to get? How will you sell your machinery?
Canam’s professional staff will review the company’s current situation and market value, and provide a detailed exit strategy to ensure that the business owner maximizes his or her return on investment with peace of mind.