Professional Appraisals

AppraisalSince 1986, Canam’s appraisal experts have delivered timely, well-rounded professional appraisals in Canada. Our practices include careful consideration of all factors including the assets themselves, the client’s industry and prevailing market conditions. We conduct management interviews, perform financial due diligence and inspect inventory as part of our appraisal methodology.

Types of Appraisals include:

Forced Liquidation Value
Orderly Liquidation Value
In Place/Going Concern Value
Desktop Valuations
Fair Market Value

Typically, a value achieved under stress circumstances through a public auction is processed within a short period of time, generally 30-45 days. Many factors are used to determine the value and should be discussed with the appraiser; these may include typical usage.

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Asset & Bankruptcy Auctions

AppraisalAs a leading auctioneer in the Toronto area, Canam regularly conducts auctions of industrial equipment, tools and machinery, as well as retail and consumer products and store fixtures. Our services can be tailored to fit the specific needs of the seller and are designed to maximize market exposure while ensuring a convenient and cost-effective solution for both buyers and sellers.

Types of Auctions include:

On-Site Auctions
Online Auctions
Motor Vehicle and Car Auctions
Bankruptcy Auctions
General Asset Auctions

Auctions are advertised through major media outlets and are OPEN TO THE PUBLIC. Depending on the industry, asset variety and plant location, Canam will implement the most effective advertising and auction options available to maximize sales proceeds.

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Asset Purchasing & Liquidation

AppraisalCanam’s purchasing & liquidation services provide timely capital recovery on a wide assortment of items ranging from restaurant equipment, office furniture, industrial equipment, retail store fixtures, merchandise, surplus goods and vehicles to numerous other categories of equipment.

Liquidation Options include:

Complete Buyout/Purchasing of Assets
Consignment Sale at Our Facility
Facilitation of Sales at Location
Overstock Liquidation
Bankruptcy Liquidation

With more than 30 years of combined experience and an in-depth knowledge of current markets, Canam brings together a full spectrum of skills, knowledge and the experience required to ensure maximum market value for all clients.

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Vehicle/Machinery Towing & Storage

AppraisalCanam’s flatbed trucking and towing services include local and long-distance towing, moving, transport and delivery. Additionally, Canam offers machinery moving and equipment moving offering forklift, excavator, backhoes, sky jack, metal and machinery moving services. Whether you require a dependable towing service for cars (including exotic cars), motorcycles or RVs. Our 20,000 secured storage facility will house any vehicle or machinery for short or extended duration’s.

Vehicle/Machinery Towing & Storage Services include:

Vehicle Towing & Storage Services
Machinery Dismantling Services
Machinery Moving & Storage Services
Vehicle & Machinery Sales Services

Canam’s comprehensive insurance policies cover all vehicle and machinery theft, fire and vandalism. Our team of appraisers will inspect each asset upon arrival at our facilities and provide a detailed condition report.

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Consignment & Surplus Services

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Canam’s onsite sales services offer clients low cost solutions when selling assets or surplus inventory on consignment. Onsite consignment sales avoid costly decommissioning, shipping and rigging while providing the maximum financial recovery.

Consignment Benefits include:

No Storage Fees
No Upfront Pick Up & Delivery Cost
Anonymous Sales Procedures
CRA Tax Remittance on sellers behalf

Depending on the clients decision the consignment assets may be sold via private treaty/sale or through public auction. The Client also has the option to take advantage of Canam’s warehouse and outdoor storage facility if the consigned assets must be secured or stored offsite.

Assets or inventory can be sold with or without a minimum reserve at the clients discretion.
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Asset Removal, Storage & Cleanup

AppraisalWith 20,000 square feet of indoor and two acres of outdoor storage space, Canam has the appropriate facilities to store and re-market your assets. Our modern, secure warehouse enables us to remove distressed assets to our warehouse, quickly and efficiently, with minimal delay. We can arrange to have your assets picked up, stored and ultimately sold.

Storage & Recycling Services include:

Asset Packing Services
Asset Moving Services
Facility Cleanup Services
Files/Data Destruction
Recycling Services

Canam’s comprehensive insurance policies cover theft, liability and items in transit. Our warehousing manager will inspect each site location before the site is marked completed and will inspect assets upon arrival at our facilities.

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